Never After: A Twisted Fairy Tale World Adventure RPG

Melee · Physical · Defense
Wearing heavy armor and holding sword and shield blessed by holy light, Kights charge fearlessly on the most dangerous front line. They are the core of the team and the most reliable guardian.
Attack speed·Control Beast
Wearing light leather armor, Hunters can engage enemy from a distance with precise shots. They can also command animals to aid in fights. Hunters are agile and show their advantages in chaotic battles.
Control fire and ice
Summon elemental phoenix
Sorcerers trade a strong physique in for a powerful mind, which can destroy their enemies in an instant with arcane spells. They wield staves or magic books, and manipulate elements at will. They are the most powerful strikers in battles.
High DPS·Fast·Moon
Assassins lurk in the shadow and blend in with the darkness. Swift killing is their trademark, and lone reaper their identity. If someone were to escape from Assassins' dagger, it may be out of their meager mercy.
Healing·increase team's resilience
Musicians listen to the beautiful notes of nature, play and sing its melodious movements, and feel the true meaning of life from its wonders. They excel at controlling sound waves with music to fight or to provide imperative assistance for their teammates.

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